In addition to understanding the premise of the Twofer Card Challenge by seeing the Design Team inspirations, here are Frequently Asked Questions to help you. For more clarification, additional questions and answers may be added from your comments below.
  1. If the prompt given (for example, "elephant") is part of a stamp set, I know I need to use the same elephant on both cards (not one large on one card and one small on another card), but can I use other images or sentiments from different sets. Yes. You can use as many different stamps or dies as you like for your designs, as long as we are able to see the prompt image using the same exact stamp or die on both cards
  2. If the elephant is part of a stamp-and-die set, can I use the elephant stamp on the first card and the elephant die on the second card? Yes. Stamp-and-die paired images are considered as one image. 
  3. If the elephant is a die, can I use the positive on my first card and the negative on my second card? Yes. The positive and negative cuts of the same die are considered as one image.
  4. I don't have many dies. Am I allowed to use a punch of the prompt word? Yes.
  5. Am I required to use NBUS (Never-Before-Used-Stuff) on my cards? No, using NBUS is not a requirement, but it IS encouraged.
  6. Can I make a birthday card for my sister and a birthday card for my friend as my two different occasions? No. Two different birthday cards would be considered two events for the same occasion. Each Twofer entry must be for a different occasion as listed on the side bar. If you think of a traditional occasion not listed, please contact us via the Contact Form and we will update the list of occasions.
  7. Can an occasion be a unique or nontraditional celebration, such as Winter Solstice? Or a general celebration such as Happy Spring or Warm Winter Wishes? Certainly! Please make sure your sentiment clearly indicates what that unique or nontraditional celebration is or explain in your post so we know.
  8. Can an occasion be "all-purpose?" In other words, can I enter a card with no stamped or die-cut sentiment on the front? Yes.
  9. Can I simply change the colors on my first and second cards? No, sorry. We must be able to see an entirely new card design for your second card. 
  10. Can I simply move the elephant to a new spot on the card front, or turn the card from portrait to horizontal? No. We must be able to see an entirely new card design for each card. 
  11. Is this a CAS-only challenge? [CAS=clean and simple.] No, any style is welcome!
  12. Why can't I link two separate photos of each of my cards? Because that makes more work for you and more work for the Design Team who share the visiting and commenting duties.
  13. Do I have to post to social media? No, but if you DO post to social media, we ask that you use the full challenge name in your hashtag.
  14. Your rules say, "You may enter five (5) additional challenges." Is that five (5) per each individual Twofer card? Or five (5) per blog post containing the two distinctly different Twofer cards? In other words, six (6) total per card (including Twofer), or six total per post/entry? You can play up to three times in this challenge. Each time you enter you will link one photo of two cards. On your personal blog, you can enter up to five (5) other challenges for each card in your two-card Twofer pairing; so six (6) total per card each time.
  15. Can I enter a tag or scrapbook layout or other creation? No, sorry. This is a card-only challenge.
  16. Can I use a stencil as my main focal prompt image instead of a stamp or die? No. However, you may use a stencil as a secondary element on your card.
  17. Can I use an embossing folder as my main focal prompt image instead of a stamp or die? No. However, you may use an embossing folder as a secondary element on your card.
  18. Can I use my prompt stamp or die in an unexpected way on one of my cards? Yes! We encourage you to stretch your imagination and your stamps and dies by playing with them in unconventional ways, however, please note that this is NOT a requirement!
  19. Can I use any brand of products? Yes!


Kathyk said...

That's cleared that up then, Darnell, thanks for these FAQ


ionabunny said...

Fab. Elephant ready. Hugz

Brenda said...

I'm nervous about the prompt word but looking forward to playing along. That's for the FAQ's Auntie! Hugs, Brenda

nancy littrell said...

Thank you. I think you answered all my ?'s. Hugs..

Lillybet said...

What a brilliant concept. Just wondering if it matters what brand of products you use?

Darnell said...

You can use any brand of products, Lllybet. Thank you for asking! I'll add your question above. Hugs, Darnell

Lillybet said...

Thankyou, sounds great

Patti said...
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Susan said...

Great FAQs - answered everything that crossed my mind!

Sharon Fontenot said...
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Jenny L said...

Hi Darnell,
now your know it doesn't take much to confuse me. LOL!
Do I have to also post my cards on a social media site as well as the challenge blog.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Darnell said...

No, Jenny, you do not need to post to social media. That rule is just to tell those who DO post to social media that they need to use the full challenge name. Thank you for letting me know it is confusing! I will change the wording to make the rule more clear. Hugs, Darnell

Marianne said...

Duh! Always make sure to read the FAQs before posting a question...
Must be the remnants of a nasty cold that are still clouding my brain LOL.

AndreaH said...

Thankyou for clearing that up. You answers a few I'd tgought of and a few I didn't know I'd need to know lol. I did have a question not covered but I've forgotten it lol. Xxx 💚 xxx